Creating premier projects across the spheres of contemporary art and interior design and distinctive aesthetic and unrivalled knowledge of the art and design scene, the process is singular. The expertise lies in his ability to synthesise art with its surroundings, creating spaces of harmonious beauty where art and design fuse, each retaining their singularity, while entering into a complementary exchange. Creating a constant dialogue ensures the success of each individual project. Developing the thorough vision of his clients’ goals, aspirations, and challenges that cultivates strong communication with them to ensure trust and deliver excellence in every result.
Based in Barcelona, the studio increasingly offers services worldwide. With extensive experience and industry-leading expertise, John Brown Projects prides itself in, and thrives on, its ability to accomplish large-scale international projects. John Brown Projects is invested in helping clients navigate the international markets of contemporary and emerging art, by introducing our clients to both recognized and more emerging contemporary artists. We provide strategic advice to buyers and sellers.
We guide our clients through potential purchases from A to Z and beyond. We provide price evaluation on all artworks and will professionally assess their condition. We provide all pre-sale and post-sale logistics in order to facilitate the sale and movement of an artwork.
We offer curatorial assistance, including advice regarding shipping, import/export implications, research, framing, conservation, lighting, installation, security, and storage.

Carrer de Jaume Piquet 1 Bis / Barcelona / Spain

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The Team

Juan Moreno López-Calull


Ignacio Ortega Varela de Seijas

Creative consultant

Architect collaborator

Anna Vilá